SUMMARY: disks for Sparc Storage Array

From: artur (
Date: Mon Nov 24 1997 - 14:28:51 CST

 Thanks to all who replied.
Here're some of suggestions:

       David Schiffrin <>:
 I've used non-sun drives in SSA's and Sun machines.
 Try falcon for drive brackets. They just got bought
by artecon, but I suspect they've still got the brackets for sale.

       Eugene Kramer <>:
Rave ( sells them for about $70 apiece.

          Rich Kulawiec <>:
I'd say that going through Usenet's
is probably a good way to find them. All sorts of Sun-related
equipment is for sale there every day.

  All you helped me to convince my local Sun provider to sell me
these frames.

 Thank you again.

 Here's the original question:

> We have a number of sparc storage arrays with 6x4G disks.
> We would like to add more disks to SSA-114. We have available
> six non-SUN single-connected disks (Seagate ST34572WC), but
> we need ONLY SUN`s plastic frames to insert them into SSA. Our local
> SUN reseller refused to sell that plastic frames and offers us to buy
> six SAME DISKS (they differ by firmware only) supplied with such
> frames.
> So, the question is:
> 1. Does anybody knows where can we buy such frames ?
> 2. Does anybody has experience in working with non-SUN
> disks under SSAs ?
> Any help will be highly appreciated and summarized.
> Thank you.

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