SUMMARY: hot or not: GOglobal ?

From: Greg Coleman (G-tech Corp.) (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 10:41:28 CST

Thank you to the following 3 people for responding;

>From Wed Nov 19 16:23 EST 1997
>From Thu Nov 20 09:01 EST 1997
>From Thu Nov 20 09:34 EST 1997

They seemed to concur with what I had seen at a demo. GOglobal
gets your X environment to your PC via 28.8 fairly quicky in
comparison to other products. I hope to use it over ISDN, so
maybe that will show some improvement.

Further specs, prices, and even a 30 demo are available at I think anyone who dials in remotely regularly
should check it out. I can have my CDE from work replicated
at home. Using PPP and a decent connection, you can really bring
work home and have no life whatsoever.

ORIGINAL ********************************************

> Any one use this product and can comment on its'
> "thinness"?
> If so, what speed: 28/56/ISDN???

RESPONSES *******************************************

>From Wed Nov 19 16:23 EST 1997

Use it. Love it.

It only uses about 0.5MB of diskspace, and very thrifty on the network
The remote access connection is still the limiting factor, but with a
28.8 Kbs connection, It brings up my CDE desktop in 45 seconds. A five
minute (plus) operation using any other PC X-Server package. I can even
bring up Netscape running on a SPARCstation 20 in under 45 seconds.
Something that that was a real pain at 15 minutes under a PC X-Server.
Go-Global is the only package I've found that make dial-in X-Windows
GraphOn has a demo available from their website. Download it and give
it a try.
My only complaint so far, is their licensing. The currently require a
license key on the PC, I'd prefer it if they ran concurrent licensing on
the server. They are going to have to do that kind of licensing for
the Java based version of the product. 'Go-Joe'.

The server end ties into the systems X-Windows installation. The additional load
on the system would be the equivalent of an Xterminal.
I have it installed on a SS20. (Its the only low end box I have in the house.)
Since the major bottleneck will still be the Remote Access connection, the only
limiting factor I can see, is memory. My SS20 has 160MB in the system (historical),
I don't plan on upgrading the system for a while, and already monitor memory usage
on all servers already.

>From Thu Nov 20 09:01 EST 1997

I used it over ethernet for a while. Worked pretty well. And yes,
the client side is thin but you have to have some server side stuff -
noit just straight X on the server. (You have to pay somewhere! ;-)

I also tried it from home over 28.8. Hurtin', but did not expect
much more. Thin or not, X over serial (unless your serial line
is a T1 ;-) is harsh.

>From Thu Nov 20 09:34 EST 1997

We use it here, both for remote access with standard 28.8 modems and on the LAN.
For modem access our typical connect speeds are under 26.4.
It works quite well, better than any other X windows solution we've tried for
access via a 28.8 modem.
The client side is VERY small, less than 200k for both the 16 bit and 32 bit clients.
The server side is less than 5 Meg (for all files) because it leverages the installed
X environment.

I would highly recommend this product.

We use Suns...

  Sun 4s and 5s for single user sessions
  Sun Ultra 170s for multiple user sessions

The server side of GOglobal seems to do a very good job of not requiring much CPU.

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