SUMMARY: Searchable SUMMARY database

From: Pierre Padovani (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 11:44:10 CST

I must admit rather sheepishly that my original question should never have
been posted and I do apologize for that. I have received 55+ messages since
I posted the original message yesterday. I will not list out all of the
email addresses of those who sent me replies.

Essentially the gist of the replies are(percentages are approximate):

50% 1) Read the FAQ. There are 2+ sites that already have this available:

43% 2) "I am interested in a searchable web site" -- See #1

5% 3) "I am interested in a copy of the DB" -- See #1,#4

2% 4) "I am interested in a cdrom containing the db for those times I am
unable to connect to the net" -- Sorry doesn't exist....yet.

Actually I wouldn't mind a #4....There are a large number of times when I
have absolutely NO access to the internet from where I am working. I'd like
to take a quick poll and see how much interest there is for this. Perhaps
with enough interest we can put together a NFP (Not for profit) CD
collection that includes the SUMMARY DB but also a collection of usefull

When answering this question, please only reply to me if you are
interested. Also let me know what type of DB would be most useful as well
as what docs/utils you would find most useful.


Pierre Padovani
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Atlantic Aerospace Electronics Corporation.

Some people have a way about them that seems to say: "If I have only
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