Summary: Solaris 2.6 using NIS with shadowed passwords

From: V.Sander (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 04:18:41 CST

Hi all,
my original question was:

>Hi SUN Gurus,
>we right on the way to Solaris 2.6. At this point we are
>discussing whether this is the time to get rid of using NIS+.
>What we need, is password shadowing. The 2.6-bundled NIS implementation
>supports the old fashioned passwd.adjunct map - the originated file
>is very similar to /etc/shadow.

>But how do I tell a 2.6 client to use this? I didn't find it 'til now.
>Suggestions for a procedure (maybe I also need to perform some actions)
>would be appreciate.

It works!!! Only root is able to read passwd.adjunct.byname.
The problem was that /etc/nsswitch.conf was changed after ypserv and
ypbind was started. The processes had to be restarted.

By the way:
using /etc/shadow for creating the passwd-map doesn't help. It is just a way
to create the map with the encrypted passwords inside.
$PWDIR/security/passwd.adjunct helps and it works!

We are on the way of leaving our NIS+ configuration which was leading into
several problems (1 server, two replicas).


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