SUMMARY: A Little help

From: Antonino Sanacori (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 02:31:30 CST

My original question:

 Hi all.
I need a little help. My work consists in network monitoring. I need
to inform a remote user too when some event happens. The remote user
is reachable through a pager.

Has anyone developed a perl or java routine to send a alphanumeric string
to a pager ?

Here the answer:
1) There are a number of pager companies who allow you to send pages
   via an email message top teir service.
   For example: or
2) There are some free programs:
   BigBrother ->
3) Moore William send me a perl script that works a series of log
It seems that a java routine do not exist !
C and Bourne shell pager routines can be found at:

Many thanks to:

Matthew Stier Mark Sayer
Moore William Wayne Racinowski
Zhang Tim Robert Bailey
Jim Harmon Gregory Coleman
Mike Chang Jay Lessert
Celeste Stokely

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