Another SUMMARY: FastEthernet card not quite configured

From: Chris Stoddart (
Date: Wed Nov 19 1997 - 04:20:34 CST

Alright guys, you've nagged me into trying again! :-) This time I've got
a solution (if at first you don't succeed....).

Basically the problem is I've just installed a Sun FastEthernet 2.1 card
in an Ultra 1, followed all the instructions, and it appears to work
fine, except on bootup I get the line:-

configuring network interfaces: ifconfig: snarl: bad address hme0.

The following things have all been done/checked with no effect.

reboot -r
/etc/hostname.hme0 exists with 'snarl' in it
/etc/hosts exists with the ip address of snarl
the packages SUNWhmd.. were installed
all patches for Solaris 2.5 installed
the original le0 card is *not* used or configured (not reported by
ifconfig -a)

Obviously the command that is failing is the ifconfig line at startup.
The problem appears to be that /etc/nsswitch.conf contains the order nis
then files and nis is timing out before configuring the interface. Why it
isn't then defaulting to the local /etc/hosts I don't know. The patch kit
for 2.5.1 apparently fixes this problem. Two solutions:

Change the order in /etc/nsswitch.conf to files - nis
Replace 'snarl' in /etc/hostname.hme0 with the ip address of snarl

I have opted for the latter since it's quicker. The line at startup now

configuring network interfaces: hme0.

Many, many thanks to:

David Schiffrin <>
Steve Butterfield <>
Marcelo Maraboli <>
Tom Leach <leach@OCE.ORST.EDU>
Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
Mike Salehi <>
Tomasz Wolniewicz <>


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