SUMMARY: FastEthernet card not quite configured

From: Chris Stoddart (
Date: Tue Nov 18 1997 - 04:03:31 CST

Big thanks to the following (I think I have everyone!):

"Philip A. Fitzpatrick" <>
James Noad <>
"Scott F. Woods" <>
Jim Harmon <>
Marcelo Maraboli <>
Harvey Wamboldt <>
Mike Salehi <>
"Arora, Samir" <>
Skye Poier <>
Glenn Satchell <>

Of the suggestions offered, the following were already in place:

/etc/hostname.hme0 exists and has just the hostname 'snarl' in it
/etc/hosts contains the IP address of that host
The packages SUNWhmd.. were installed

The remaining suggestions I have tried or looked at were:

Install patches 103612-26 (or higher) and 103630-07 (or higher) - I could
not do this since the system is running 2.5 and these patch 2.5.1. I
tried installing all Sun recommeded patches for 2.5, with no effect.

The only thing I haven't done is work through the rc.d startup scripts
to determine exactly which line causes the problem.

So, so far no fix. I'm leaning towards the suspicion that it's a feature
with 2.5/2.5.1 and that may go away with patching or upgrade to 2.6?
Because of pressures of time, and because the error message doesn't seem
to actually prevent the card from working correctly, I have had to
abandon it for now.


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<original problem>

>I've just installed a Sun FastEthernet 2.1 card in an Ultra 1, followed >all the instructions, and it appears to work fine, except on bootup I >get the line:- > >configuring network interfaces: ifconfig: snarl: bad address hme0.

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