SUMMARY: parallel port on an Ultra 30

From: Pablo Ruiz (
Date: Fri Nov 07 1997 - 08:02:14 CST

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Pablo Ruiz wrote:

Here was my question:

> I am trying to install an hp laserjet printer to an Ultra 30 parallel port
> (/dev/bpp0). The problem is I can't find the device anywhere (/dev or
> /devices). I checked others SPARC 5 and Ultra 1 and found out that
> SPARC 5: /devices/sbus@1f,0/SUNW,bpp@e,c800000:bpp0
> Ultra 1: /devices/iommu@0,10000000/sbus@0,10001000/SUNW,bpp@5,c800000:bpp0
> Looking at the devices above, I noticed that both bpp0 are related to the
> sbus interface. However, the Ultra 30 only has PCI bus. Could this be
> the problem? I seems odd that the Ultra 30 has the 25 pin
> parallel connection on the back but having it disable.
> The following are things that I check and tried with not success:
> 1. I tried to create the device drive using /usr/sbin/mknod b 73 0 bpp0.
> 2. I checked the setting in the eeprom (running the eeprom command). I
> did not find anything related to parallel port.
> 3. admintool only showed /dev/term/a and /dev/term/b

Thanks to all that reply:

Joel Lee <>
Fabien Reygrobellet <>
Andrew Merkert <>
Marc S. Gibian <>
Robby Jackard <>
Larry Zins <>
Matthew Stier <>

The answers I got were the following:

1. the parallel port in Ultra30 is /dev/ecpp0
2. boot -r
3. there is no sbus support in Ultra30 only PCI

The correct answer that I got from Sun tech support is

BugID 4082435

It is a bug in their new driver for /dev/ecpp0. Somehow it took them more
than 2 weeks to tell me that is a bug (after 7 calls to them!!!) Well,
hopefully I will get a patch soon to fix this. In the meantime the
printer is happily sitting idle in a corner...

Thanks to all...

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