SUMMARY: Problems with Local Restore of Remote Dump

From: Ronemus AD (Alan) (
Date: Thu Nov 06 1997 - 08:08:19 CST

Dear Sun Managers,

     Thanks to those who replied to my posting, which is appended. Dave
Mitchell and Artur Schnayder suggested the following parameters for dd
and/or restore, some of which I hadn't attempted.

     dd if=/dev/nrst0 obs=1024 | restore rvf -
     dd if=/dev/nrst0 ibs=96b obs=126b | restore rvf -
     restore -rvfb /dev/nrst0 96

Unfortunately, that didn't solve the problem. Joel Lee suggested that
special drivers might be required that were missing from the crashed
system, but the drive is a Sun 4 mm DDS DAT that is supported on SunOS
4.1.3_U1 Rev. B. The problem is unresolved, so I would be glad to hear
additional suggestions. I will summarize again if a solution is found.


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> From: Ronemus AD (Alan)
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> Subject: Problems with Local Restore of Remote Dump
> Dear Sun Managers,
> I have encountered a strange problem with doing a restore on a
> local Sun 4mm 2/5 GB tape drive from a tape made using rdump to the
> same drive. My environment is SunOS 4.1.3_U1 Rev. B on a sun4
> (SPARCstation 4/370). The tapes were maded using the command:
> rdump 0uctbsdfv 1 96 5000 61000 remote_tape_host:/dev/nrst0
> local_partition_name
> After a disk crash and installing new disks, I loaded the mini-root
> from CD and attempted to restore from the same tape drive mounted
> locally with the following command:
> restore rvf /dev/nrst0
> This failed with the error message "record size (512) is not a
> multiple of dump block size (1024)." I attempted to resolve this
> using dd as follows:
> dd if=/dev/nrst0 ibs=1024 conv=sync | restore rvf -
> This produced a checksum error and an error message from restore that
> the tape was not in dump format. When I leave out the conv=sync
> option I get error messages about a partial block read as well as the
> checksum. I've tried a variety of block sizes in restore and dd
> without success. I have a number of files on the tape and all produce
> the same results, as does using the SunOS 4.1.4 CD to load the
> mini-root.
> I finally did a complete install from the CD and with the correct
> network configuration. I put the DAT drive on the original tape host
> (SunOS 4.1.3_U1 Rev. B, sun4m (Sparc5)) and was able to restore using
> the following command:
> rrestore rvf remote_tape_host:/dev/nrst0
> This worked, but required more time and effort than restoring locally
> using the mini-root from the CD. Does anybody know a workaround? I
> will summarize.
> Thanks,
> Alan
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