From: Michael Mitchell (
Date: Wed Nov 05 1997 - 15:49:31 CST


     I "solved" this problem by replacing the DNS
configuration files with month old copies and
HUPping named (updated the serial numbers of course).
Things got better over the next few minutes. It turns
out that one of our programmers had made a change in
the DNS configuration files while I was away last
week. However, the only thing I could find that might have
been an "error" in the "forward" configuration file
was a blank line. Are blank lines not allowed in the
DNS configuration files? All I know is that
replacing the DNS configuration files with old versions
was the last thing I tried before things started
working again.

     Thanks to Gary Richardson for responding.


Original post:

> Folks-
> I've a DNS / YP problem that has cropped up
>in the last few hours. We are running master NIS
>and DNS from a SparcServer 490 for a mixed system
>of Dec Ultrix, Sun Solaris, Dec Alpha, Sun SunOS,
>and Irix machines. There are two Sun Sparcs
>running secondary DNS and NIS service for the
>system. This system has been up and running OK
>for years.
> For the last few hours, I've been unable to ping
>from the client machines (host unknown error).
>However I can nslookup any network nodename, but
>the response to nslookup is very slow. I'm getting
>some errors from popper saying that it can't resolve
>some reverse look-ups. I think that all this is
>telling me that YP is not resolving hostnames properly,
>but DNS is working OK. Perhaps NIS has stopped
> I've not changed any configuration on the
>systems and am stumped as to what to try next. I've
>rebooted all the servers and several of the clients.
> Any help appreciated.
> Mike

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