SUMMARY: Changing things in a Sun

From: Stephen Frost (
Date: Wed Nov 05 1997 - 12:04:33 CST

        Original Question:

        I am interested in removing a RAID array off of a running system, however
I have an oracle database running on the machine off of another couple of
controllers that I do not wish to disturb. The way I expect to have to do
it is to just remove the RAID array and controller but do not boot w/ the
- -r option so everything stays the same, just the unused array is missing.
However, this will leave the machine in a very vulnerable state in case
someone else needs to add something or boots w/ a -r for some reason. Is
there a simple way to force certain cards/controllers to certain addresses?
 ex: c0 is internal SCSI bus, c1 is the first (unused) RAID array, c2 is
the 2nd SCSI card, c4 is the second RAID array (w/ oracle on it), can I
take out c1, but have configuration files in place so that even if I boot
w/ -r c3 and c4 would stay the same? I am talking about the full device
names under /devices not just the symbolic links under /dev. If I replaced
c1 w/ a SCSI card and booted w/ a -r would it stay the same, or is that
kind of a gamble as in it might stay the same or it might not? Thanks for
any help!

                Stephen Frost
I got many replies, and thanks to all of them. (Rick Reineman) (Jim Harmon) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

Basically if one has 4 controllers (c0, c1, c2, c3), and removes one of
them (eg: c1), then the other three should remain where they are even after
a boot -r (eg: remove c1, should still have, c0, c2, c3). If one adds a
new controller of the exact same type then the new controller should
inherit the old controller's drivers (eg: it will become c1). If one adds
a new controller of a different type it will most likely be added on anew
(eg: it would become c4). There are some files for modifying this
arrangement, but they are deep in black magic and are best left alone.
Please correct me if I am wrong in any of this. Thanks!

                Stephen Frost

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