Summary: Solaris 2.6 question

From: Ju-Lien Lim (
Date: Sun Nov 02 1997 - 23:06:49 CST

My original question was as follows:
I'm hoping to find out how easy/not easy it has been
for people to upgrade/cold-install from 2.5.1 to 2.6.
 Notably, in terms of GCC, GLIB++, Perl, and GD-1.14
(I think it's part of GDB?)
Also, how about setting it up as an NIS slave server
to an NIS master running 2.5.1?
Are there any problems with DiskSuite 4.1?

Many thanks to the following people for their

Joel Lee <>:
All GCC, GLIB++, ... utility needs to be re-compiled.
There are
significant change to the OS that you just need to do
And as for NIS, you need to first shutdown your slave
server (kill the
ypbind, ypserv..etc) and then clean up the /var/yp,
and run ypinit -m to
inistialize it as master. As for Oracle sh*, msg*,
and sem* tuning, I
think these can be found under Oracle documentations.
But I am not too

Jim Harmon <>:
The following site has precompiled GCC, GDB, and
Perl5.004 for Solaris 2.6:

I did a complete 2.5.1 to 2.6 transplant because I
couldn't get GCC to
work on 2.5.1 for some reason.

All the 2.6-compiled stuff I've loaded WORKS, and
ALL I had to do to
get it to work was link the POSIX bin (/usr/xpg4/bin)
directory to the for anything that needed additional
support, and the GCC
compiler "just works" without any errors.


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