[SUMMARY] Sparcprinter

From: Brian Wood (beww@intac.com)
Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 13:14:09 CST

Many thanks, I received over a dozen replies, too many to list

The consensus is that the printer has a proprietary interface which
requires a special sbus card (501-1540). In addition it requires the
NewsPrint software as the printer is just a basic engine and has no
brains at all.

Apparently Ghostscript can also drive the printer but I would still need
the low-level drivers.

The printer is no longer supported in 2.6.

The consumables are very high-priced.

I think I will abandon my attempt to get this unit working, there are
other more economical solutions available. It's really too bad, the
machine is very well made and looks brand new.

Again my thanks for all the quick and informed replies, this list is an
incredible resource.

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