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Date: Fri Oct 31 1997 - 07:53:56 CST

suid programs and shell scripts are a security hole and hence not always allowed.

>From your replies I gathered this information:

   ksh will allow suid
   sh will not allow suid
   csh will allow suid (with the option -b). E.g. the first line of the script should
           #!/bin/csh -b
        This causes a break from option processing so that it is a little bit more
        secure (see man csh, look for -b).
   perl allows suid

In the documentation on
I found a small note when reading about setuid Permission:

"Using setuid permission with the reserved UIDs(0-99) from a program may not set the
 effective UID correctly. Use a shell script instead or avoid using the reserved UIDs
 with setuid permissions."

This solved my problem. The user I was using had by mistake been added with one of the reserved UIDs. After deleting that user, adding another with a higher UID, and changing ownership of all relevant files, everything worked as it was supposed to.

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