From: Johnie Stafford (
Date: Thu Oct 30 1997 - 15:59:41 CST

Thanks to those that responded.

My original query:

>>> On 27 Oct 1997 17:14:04 -0600, (Johnie Stafford) said:

 js> Is there a way, given the name of a file on a local file system, to
 js> find out what remote machine holds an nfs lock on that file?

One reply suggested using fuser, but this will only tell you what
process is using the file. But this is on an nfs server, fuser will
only tell me that one of the 60-70 nfs clients are using the file.
Another reply suggested lsof, but this has the same problem as fuser.

Kevin Sheehan <> gave the the bad news I was
afraid of:

>> Yes, but it is not trivial. The filock structure attached to the
>> vnode has an entry for sysid. Getting from there to the host is
>> non-trivial.


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