SUMMURY - x86 how to make the second disk bootable?

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Date: Wed Oct 29 1997 - 13:40:37 CST

 Many thanks to everybody who responded to my question.

 Here is my original question:

> I have pentium200 with 2 IDE disks.
> It was DOS installed on the first of them and Linux on
> the second .
> Now I installed Solaris 2.5.1 on the second disk instead
> of Linux. When the system goes up I get LILO.
> If I choose DOS it works but if I choose Linux it crashes.
> I want to make the system to be bootable from both DOS
> and Solaris OS. I'm afraid to run installboot, because it can cause
> DOS to be unreachable. The only way to boot up Solaris now
> is booting from boot diskette.

  Here is the answer:

This will work just fine but the system will not be able to boot Solaris
using the install/boot floppies. It's possible also to boot Solaris with
third-party boot manager such as 'System Commander' from V
This type of package will allow to boot from DOS drive or from Solaris
on second
hard drive.
  The Solaris OS allows to boot up to four (4) operating
systems on the same hard drive. But unfortunately I have the OS on the
different drivers.

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