SUMMARY Array Size Problem

From: John Fiori (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 08:14:58 CDT

Marc S. Gibian
Matthew Stier
Joel Lee
Eugene Kramer
Mike Salehi
Michael Maciolek
Steven Voss
Matt Reynolds

        Thanks for the info on my array size problem. Sorry I put 500 Gig of
memory It has 500 Meg.
The suggestions were to look at the memory usage and the running out of memory
due to the shear size of the array and the current amount of memory. Others
pointed out that there are limits on resources which can be overridden (ulimit
,datasize, filesize). In running the program it looks like we run out of swap
space and memory.

Solution: Try to write the program more efficiently and add more swap and get
more memory.
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