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Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 19:46:19 CDT

Thanks to
        Eugene Kramer <>
        Joel Lee <>
        Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
        CHENTHIL KG <>
        Jim Harmon <>
        "Karl E. Vogel" <>

My original question was:

>Some of our users have recently been getting I/O errors when trying to
>do directory listings e.g.
>> ls -la
>./ I/O error
>total 4
>drwx------ 2 10968 cs3 512 Oct 16 22:10 ./
>drwx------ 3 10968 cs3 512 Apr 15 1997 ../
>It's been suggested that I fsck the disk and see what it thinks, which I
>will be doing shortly.
>Does anyone know of a utility or something that can show me what is going
>on and/or allow me to fix it without bringing the filesystem down?
>We are running Solaris 2.5 on sun sparc stations/ultras.

most people suggested that the disk may be going bad and to check the /var/adm/messages to see if there were any scsi messages, unfortunately
for me the messages file was woefully silent.

Kevin Sheehan suggested using raid, something that I would *like* to be
doing but don't have the opportunity for yet.

Jim Harmon suggested using the read only verify function of format to see
what was going on, something that I'll look at next time this happens.

The problem turned out to be several low numbered inodes had managed to
get themselves confused somehow. We ran fsck on the disk and got it to
lear everything up. some files needed to be restored from backup but
aside from (admittedly major) inconveinence to our users (none of the
students could log in at all) there was no trouble at all.

Thanks again to those who took the time to reply.


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