SUMMARY Answerbook Viewing.

Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 12:49:52 CDT

Dear managers - My original post was about a problem with viewing Answerbook
materials. Being new to the Solaris environment I soon realized that my
question really had two sub-questions with different answers -

So in summary -
        1) The Answerbook viewing software comes with the standard Solaris dist.
                and therefore you don't need to install it separately. I did
                have to reinstall it on a number of my machines here since the
                packages were slightly mucked up
        2) You can not "normally" view Answerbooks unless you are working with
                Suns Openwindows X server that has Display Postscript

I did as some had suggested and found a hacked version of docviewer that calls
ghostscript to display the postscript pages. Works OK from an Xterm (at least
you can read something).

Thanks so much to: (Danny Johnson)
 Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>
 Anthony Worrall <>
 Matthew Stier <>

The original C code that I compiled was put out by Charles Hedrick, I am not sure if he still keeps things up or not -
you could send email.


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