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From: Swee-Chuan Khoo (sckhoo@tm.net.my)
Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 22:33:41 CDT

original question

> i am just wondering is there any FAQ or papaper somewhere
> that show us the syntx and option that i can add into the /etc/system.

1) Mariel Feder <unix.support@central.meralco.com.ph>


2) Andre Saile <saile@transtec.de>

You can check the file autoconf.h there are a little descritption
of the scsi_options.

3) Vitaly Beliaev <vit@mmk.ru>

        man -s4 system

Look: Answerbook: Tunning kernel parameters

Finally there are many FAQs. I suggest you to read Solaris Kernel FAQ.

4) Jim Harmon <jharmon@telecnnct.com>

Read the file "/etc/system" for syntax

Read the "man" page --> man -4 system
for options.

5) Mike Nguyen <miken@mwh.com>


6) reineman1@llnl.gov

I attached some stuff I found in SunSolve. It's sort of old. There's
several other things that can be set, I found several docs. I suggest
doing a SunSolve search of your own for /etc/system.


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