From: Steven Sakata (
Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 13:28:06 CDT

Thanks to all of you answered my question as to what mail transports they
used. The overwhelming winner was sendmail (and the 8.8.X version seemed
to be the most popular). Here's the results:

exim - 1
sendmail (didn't indicate version) - 1
sendmail 8.6 (Suns version) - 1
sendmail 8.7.5 - 1
sendmail 8.8.X - 11
people who said they didn't like Sun's sendmail - 4

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Other interesting tidbits
- For sendmail V8, there is a technique for generating the
  called the "m4" technique.
- Recommended book is O'Reilly's 2nd edition Sendmail book.
- Recommended USENET newsgroup is comp.mail.sendmail

Just some personal notes:

I picked up the 2nd edition Sendmail book, and read the first 190 pages so
far. If you're new to sendmail, or you just want a refresher, this is a
"must" book to get.

I downloaded the latest version of sendmail (8.8.7) and tried to install
it. The first time I tried, it failed on the final loading of the object
files. The problem ended up being that the compiler I was using was the
/usr/ucb/cc compiler and not the /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc compiler. I fully
qualified the compiler name in the makefile, and everything ran perfectly.
The only other thing I had to do was change the Makefile so that it used
nroff instead of groff and changed the MANDOC variable to be -man.

I also used the m4 utilities to create my So far, it's been
working fine (note however that this is on a small system, and I don't
get much traffic though).

The hardware and software that was involved were:

SPARCstation 10/40
Solaris 2.6
Sun's C compiler 4.0

                                       - Thanks, Steven.

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