[Summary] Can cron log via syslog?

From: Chris Marble (cmarble@orion.ac.hmc.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 07 1997 - 18:00:56 CDT

Original question:
 I've got cron logging turned on and it logs to /var/cron/log
 Is there any way I can get it to use syslog for its logging?
 All the rest of my log files live in /var/adm/log, are written
 to by syslog and get rotated daily. I'd like to get cron to
 join this happy group. Suggestions?

Nobody's been able to get syslog.conf to handle cron logging
no matter what man pages claim.
For rotation some people edit /etc/cron.d/logchecker
Others edit /usr/lib/newsyslog
I think I'll set up a sym link to put the physical file in
/var/adm/log/syslog.cron and see if my rotator can handle it.

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