Summary: Re: problem moving sun 3/60 from thinnet to 10baseT

From: Josh Kuperman (
Date: Fri Oct 03 1997 - 18:18:28 CDT

In addition to the helpful pointers to the hardware FAQ, 10 or so
people or responded instantly and correctly, that unlike the 3/50 and
3/80 models, the 3/60 does have a jumper. I also found the hardware
manual, in a pile of stuff. The jumper is located near the front of
the machine between the battery and the slots for memory. There is a
row of jumpers 6 are for memory, the 7th is for ethernet, and the 8th
is for a high res monitor. While on the first machine I opened, the
jumpers where all black, and easily mistaken for just another chip
since I didn't know where to look. On some of the machines here they
are bright blue and easy to spot.

The jumper is labeled "extxur", which is why no one could remember how
it was labeled. Of course, with that label even if I had spotted it I
would not know what it was for.

Oddly, the Sun 3/60's seem to have a large and sentimental
following. While this list is always been good to me to get 10
responses to an obscure hardware question (at least for some of us)
late on a Friday afternoon is quite remarkable..

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