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Date: Thu Oct 02 1997 - 12:10:03 CDT

Hello gurus,

Thanks for all the replies. In general, the question number 1 got the
most answer. Basicly, we can have up to 7 SCSI devices hook up with a
single controller. As I didn't point out in my question but some people
replied with the answers that for SunOS 4 I should rebuild the kernel to
take effect if I need to use ID 4 and 5 for disks.

For the second question, no one has a clear answer for that.

Again thanks to the following:

Mike Frisch
Matthew Stier
Dave Staggs
David Wolfskill
Jason Keltz
Chris Marble
Stefan Voss
Rich Kulawiec

Original question:

> Hello Gurus,
> I have two rather basic questions but I couldn't find the answer
> anywhere:
> 1. Can I chain more than two external hard drives to a SS2 (SunOS
> 4.1.3) or a SS10 (Solaris 2.5)? I want to move the existing 2
> external
> drive from one workstation to these two machines. Both of these
> machines already have their own external drives.
> 2. Anybody know where to get the Xncd and Xsun packages to be as boot
> servers on Solaris 2.5.1 for NCD Xterminals and Tektronic Xterminals?
> I look everywhere on the net but I haven't found the right place.
> Please help!
> Thanks in advance.
> -Anthony

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