summary: Problems with .forward

From: Tonny Verberk (
Date: Thu Oct 02 1997 - 04:41:46 CDT

Hi all,

Actual problem after the solution.

My problem seems to be solved after talking to Rob Vahsen. He pointed me in
the right direction.

The solution was to put the users in a seperate netgroup-file to allow them to
logon to our mail-server (default NOBODY can logon).

We are NOT happy with this but it works.

Thanx to all who replied to my problem.

>Hi all,
>Several users of mine get the following error if they use a script
>in their .forward file :
>550 /home/broersec/.forward: line 1: "| /home/broersec/bin/.sndml"...
>User doesn't have a valid shell
>for mailing to programs
>I know this is a bug with bugid : 1181369
>The work around suggested is to create a /etc/shells and all should work
>but NOT in my case.
>The users have the shell '/bin/csh' and the /etc/shells looks like :
>The prmissions are '-rw-r--r--' on a Solaris 2.5.1 machine with sendmail
>version : '8.6.10-1.2.2a-970909'
>Does anybody outthere knows the real solution to my problem?
Kind Regards, / Met Vriendelijke groet,

Tonny Verberk.

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