SUMMARY: A decent alternative to /usr/bin/vi?

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Thanks so much to all people who answered to my question! I have
received about 36 messages and I am very grateful to the following

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I was looking for a small simple text editor that could be used for
quickly and comfortable editing plain text files, different system
files, etc. The most important is that such editor is supposed to be in
/sbin, therefore root would have a good tool to alter files in a case of
system's crash.

Some replies strongly criticized me for doing a big sacriledge, that I do
neglect using `vi`. Nope. I have nothing bad regarding `vi` and use it
always as we have nothing but it. I was just wondering is there a pretty
simple editor with rich features of, say, emacs or DOS's multiedit.

GUI editors:
Majority adviced using `emacs`! Yep, it's great if you are working with GUI
and your machine is pretty fast. Gnu emacs can be found at:

Others suggested /usr/openwin/bin/textedit or `xedit`.

Howard Modell recommends Nedit:

Text mode editors:
Michael Galloway proposed to look at vim & elvis:

Karl E. Vogel sent pointers to vim (vi improved) locations:
  Main site is
  Mirrors for Vim version 4.2: (USA) (USA) (Germany) (Germany) (Germany) (USA)

P.Alejandro adviced the following:

  Another visual and powerful editor is JOE 2.8 (Joe's Own Editor) which is
  a fairly close clone of Borland Brief and has key binding modes for pico,
  Wordstar and emacs. The main distribution site is at:

  Jed, a clone of VMS edit.It depends on SLANG so you will need to grab a
  copy of the latest library version from the same site.

Dan Pritts & Henry Stilmack pointed to `pico` (a part if pine):

Additional information:
There are plenty of other text editors around; see the FAQ for Usenet's

To find out more information about 'vi' glance at:

I installed `vim`. It's a regular vi with additional powerful commands.
I either tried `pico` and `joe`. These are good and handy editors as well!
'elvis' is capable of viewing 'man', 'html' and other file formats!
My genuine gratitude again to all for your suggestions! Thanks a lot and
have a good time!


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