SUMMARY: Archive 4586NP 4mm auto-loader tape drive

From: Dan Pritts (
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 17:34:29 CDT

I wrote asking about st.conf entries for these tape drives, controlling the
robotic mechanism, and the various compression options.

Here's what i've come up with.

The following two lines for st.conf are what's suggested by seagate (who
bought conner, after conner bought archive). This is documented in
the st man page.

"ARCHIVE Python 28849-XXX4.CM","Archive Auto-Loader","ARCH_PythonStacker";
ARCH_PythonStacker = 1,0x34,0,0xde39,4,0x00,0x13,0x24,0x24,3;

/dev/rmt/0l corresponds to 0x00 (drive default? uncompressed?)
/dev/rmt/0m corresponds to 0x13 (DDS-1 compression?)
/dev/rmt/0h,c,u all correspond to 0x24 (DDS-2 compression?)

The default /dev/rmt/0 entry is pointed at the c/u device.

My tests with repeated dumps of a 200M filesystem show that the m
device fit about 6.0G on a 120m tape, the h/c/u device fit slightly
more, about 6.4G. Thus my guesses about dds1 vs dds2 compression.

I've not determined conclusively how to do an uncompressed tape on
this drive.

Nobody has offered any suggestions about controlling the robotic unit
(ie, how to issue direct scsi commands to the device).


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