SUMMARY NIS+ secondary file servers

From: Roger D McGraw (
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 09:00:34 CDT

OK, Thanks everyone for the information. I concede that actually
the information I needed came straight from man automount.

Replicated Filesystems
     Multiple location fields can be specified for replicated NFS
     filesystems, in which case automount chooses a server with
     preference given to a server on the local subnet or net.

     If each location in the list shares the same pathname then a
     single location may be used with a comma-separated list of


     Requests for a server may be weighted, with the weighting
     factor appended to the server name as an integer in
     parentheses. Servers without a weighting are assumed to
     have a value of zero (most likely to be selected). Progres-
     sively higher values decrease the chance of being selected.
     In the example,

          man -ro alpha,bravo,charlie(1),delta(4):/usr/man

     hosts alpha and bravo have the highest priority; host delta,
     the lowest.

Special thanks to:
David Thorburn-Gundlach

> I have recently configured our site to use NIS-PLUS
> on solaris 2.5.1. I have a backup NIS server which is great.
> But If the main server is down, then the system cannot
> mount the user directories. Can the automounter be set
> up so that if one source is down it will mount from
> a second?
> Thanks
> Roger


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