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Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 05:40:24 CDT

Original Post;

Firstly I apologise for posting this to sun-managers I did this because I wanted
a cross section of responses which I would be less likely to get from a Linux

Anyway, we are going to be putting Linux on some peoples desktop here and I
would like to know which one is the better to administrate - options are Redhat,
Debian, FT and Caldera.




The most common answer was Redhat given it's RPM package management facility.
Another suggestion was S.u.s.e 5.0 which I wasn't familiar with. "S.u.S.E. is a
Linux dist. with the Linux-Kernel 2.0.30 (gcc version 2.7.2).I see it the first
time at the Technical University of Darmstadt"

What we are going to do is;

get the following linux distributions for evaluation

RedHat - said to be the easiest to install and configure
Debian - The FSF alternative (and we can burn our own CDs from the ftp site)
Linux Pro Plus - sold as a 'professional' linux
unifix linux - A posix compliant distribution (formerly FT)

Thanks to those of you who responded I appreciate it.

To those of you who responded that this had nothing to do with Sun Management I
can only say that I started with an apology and that your reaction is



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