SUMMARY - vold on Solaris 2.5.1

From: Derek Eichele (
Date: Mon Sep 29 1997 - 11:42:41 CDT

     Apparently I have a little to learn about vold.
     I received several good suggestions from:
     I tried all of their suggestions, which pertained to verifying
     the correctness of my conf files, restarting vold, even performing
     a "boot -r". All excellent suggestions, but the answer I was looking
     for came from:
     who suggested that I verify that the contents of the floppy actually
     HAD a filesystem on it. He stated that floppies that had been
     formatted and then just 'tar'ed on to would not mount the way a
     floppy with a filesystem would. As it turns out this is exactly
     what is happening. I didn't know I had been supplied a floppy with
     a tar file on it, but I was also unaware of this behavior of vold,
     although it makes perfect sense.
     Thanks to everyone who offered their suggestions.
     Derek Eichele
     AIM Management Group, Inc.

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