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From: Nadya Williams (
Date: Mon Sep 29 1997 - 14:31:08 CDT

Thanks for their responses to
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There were suggestions of the temperature problem, a power supply problem,
fans, or the fried mother board.

Temperature is not an issue the last 2 days, it was much higher before
when the ULtra was still running.
I had the power indicator light on the internal CDROM and on the mother board
so the power was not the problem
The fans were working.
There was a suggestion to boot from cdrom and look at /var/adm/messages.
I could do it only once (never got to boot since than), and there were
no indication of any problem.

The mother board was the issue. I called the sun tech support,
and they confirmed from the description that the mother
board is dead. I am waiting for the replacement.

Original Post

Hello Sun Managers.

I have a probem with Sun Ultra 2200 (Solaris 2.5.1) that all
of a sudden stopped working. Here is the history.

1. Sep 26th. Rebooted itself for no apparent reason and with
   no work load. After reboot there are no messages indicating a
   problem in any log file. Works fine.
   Note: I do turn off the monitor on this machine and a few
   others when I leave the ofice since the weather is getting
   very hot in San Diego, and with no airconditioner the office
   temperature is getting to high-80-ties and mid-90-ties.
2. Sep 27th. While working next to it (again no load and no users)
   notice a very strange sound coming out of the speaker
   that resembles ... muffled motocycle starting. At this point
   turn the monitor on but the screen remains black.
   I know that machine is down since I can't ping it from any
   other computer. Meanwhile the sound from the speaker gets
   louder and louder. No response to any keystrokes.
3. Shut the power off and try to reboot. Have a black screen,
   no disks spinning (2 internal 2 Gb), the sounds comes on and off.
4. After a few minutes of being shut off, tried to boot again.
   Get as far as "Booting from disk..." message, than disk's head
   is parked, screen goes black.
5. Tried booting again, do Stop-A, and execute probe-scsi from
   boot prom, got a hangup and no response from the command.
6. Boot from cdrom in a single user mode. Could mount and see
   all the partitions from both disks, run fcsk successfully.
   Tried to reboot .... and back to the black screen and no
   disk activity. Any further tries to boot from cdrom failed,
   see 7.
7. From this point on all I am getting is this motocylce sound,
   plus blinking of all 4 indicator lights on the keyboard.
   They come on at the same time about once every 3 seconds.
   Nothing on the screen, it is black and blank.

I don't have the code for the keyboard indicator lights. My
suspicion is that the problem is somewhere in the hardware
before the disks are tried, and not with the booting disk itself.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you for your help.

Nadya Williams.

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