SUMMARY: CDE - sourcing .cshrc and .login

From: Ju-Lien Lim (
Date: Mon Sep 29 1997 - 14:15:20 CDT

I had an earlier question on sourcing .cshrc and .login as I was having
>trouble both the files being read when openning a "Terminal" or an "xterm"
>session. However, if I open a "Console" session, it will do it. Can someone
>tell me where I need to make the change so that my .cshrc and .login gets
>sourced? I tried editting .dtprofile and setting DTPROFILE=TRUE but it still
>didn't do it.

My thanks to the following people:

>Gianluca Rotoni
> Jim Harmon
        D. Stew McLeod
> Sunando Sen

>use the -ls option when either starting dtterm or xterm.

>Copy /usr/dt/app-defaults/C/Dtterm to /etc/dt/app-defaults/C and append the
>following to it:
> *LoginShell: true
>You can also do the same with /usr/openwin/app-defaults/Xterm. This will
>will make dtterm & xterm sessions to start a login shell, which in turn will
ensure that your .profile or .login are sourced.

        Ju Lim

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