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From: Seshagiri Maddirala Rao (
Date: Tue Sep 23 1997 - 23:21:47 CDT

My question was:

~~~~> I would like to have some deep understanding about syslog.
~~~~> We intend to use to capture important system messages
~~~~> vide our network consisting of around 250 to 300 sun
~~~~> workstations running 2.3 to 2.5.1 OSs. We want to
~~~~> configure loghost and capture. But the real problem is we
~~~~> are not sure which are notices, which are alerts, which
~~~~> are real critical messages, etc., If some one could throw
~~~~> some light it is highly greatful.

Thanx to: Alexander N. Spitzer(

He has asked me to go thru:

~~~~man syslog.conf
~~~~man syslogd
~~~~man syslog

Thanx to: "Karl E. Vogel" <>

He wrote:

~~ I had problems with the default syslog setup. Below is the syslog.conf
~~ file we use on our production system. Critical messages go to
~~ /var/adm/messages, other stuff goes to /var/log/syslog.

        He has included a sample syslog.conf which is very useful ,
        But I need still further info capturable from machines.

Thanx to: Michael Hill <>

Michael has given me the following info which was very useful.

I wrote an article in the December 1996 issue of SysAdmin magazine,
called "Understanding syslog.conf". If you can find that issue, I
think my article would help. It included a program I wrote for
displaying exactly what syslog will do with every message, and the
files are available via FTP from the magazine's Web site at
<A HREF="">>.

        Michael is a regular writer to SYSADMIN and he is very
        helpful. Thank you very much Mr.Michael. I am trying to
        understand and implement the stuff you have given out
        in SYSADMIN.

Thank u for this forum,


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