Partial Summary DiskSuite 4.1

From: Jon Levin (
Date: Mon Sep 22 1997 - 11:23:02 CDT

Many thanks to those who have responded. So far I have recieved 7 replys
with 4 saying use metastat, and 3 saying please let me know the answer
and 2 of those said metastat should work. I failed to mention in my
original question that I had also used metastat.

Metastat and metahs appear to only inquire the status that is held in
the metadb, since I can physically remove the hot spare disk and still
get the following message from metastat:
# ./metastat
d0: RAID
    State: Okay
    Hot spare pool: hsp000
    Interlace: 32 blocks
    Size: 23321749 blocks
Original device:
    Size: 23322240 blocks
        Device Start Block Dbase State Hot Spare
        c2t1d0s0 1529 No Okay
        c1t0d0s0 1441 Yes Okay
        c1t3d0s0 1529 No Okay
        c1t2d0s0 1529 No Okay
        c1t1d0s0 1529 Yes Okay
        c2t0d0s0 1529 Yes Okay
        c2t2d0s0 1529 No Okay
hsp000: 1 hot spare
        /dev/dsk/c2t3d0s0 Available 4190505 blocks

The question still remains. How can I via a command do a rescan
configuration before the metastat command to get an accurate response?

Thanks again to the following who responded:

Tawanda Queen<>
Matthew Stier<>
Orn Asgeirsson<> (thanks for the script)
Mariel Feder <>
David Thorburn-Gundlach <> (Neal S. Pressman) (Kris Briscoe)

Original Question:
>I am running on a Sparc 20, Solaris 2.5.1 and DiskSuite 4.1. I have
>configured a RAID array of 7 disks and 1 hot spare. Everything is
>working fine right now.

>The question I have is how will I know if I have a problem with the hot
>spare disk? Is there a utility to query the disk without invoking
>metatool and rescanning the configuration from the file pull down menu?

>I have simmulated a disk failure and neither metatool nor metahs >reports the failure until I rescan the configuration. I do not want to >have the potential of having the hot spare down when I need it. Any >help will be appreciated. I will summarize.

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