SUMMARY: changed NIS+ domain and now telnet won't work

From: Kurt, Cindy M (
Date: Fri Sep 19 1997 - 21:39:42 CDT

Thanks very much to Francis Liu and Asim Zuberi for responding so
After posting my question I learned from our former Sys Admin that the
correct services file did not reside on my NIS+ server. Thus, I had
an outdated version of our services file into NIS+, a file that
contained an
incorrect port number for telnet, as Asim Zuberi suggested. The
that could use telnet were those that had "files" listed before
"nisplus" in the
nsswitch.conf file, as Francis Liu suspected. Thanks again!

Best wishes,
C. M. Kurt

Original Message:

Hello Sun-Managers,

Last night I changed our NIS+ domain. The new setup appears to be
working fine in every way except one: users can not use telnet on
certain machines. The error message is: "Unable to connect to remote
host. Connection refused." Since everything was working fine before I
changed the domain, I assume this is a NIS+ configuration error. Ftp,
rlogin, etc. work fine.

Even more confusing is the fact a successful telnet session is machine
dependent. In other words, from machine A I can get to B and C but no
one else, while on machine B I can get to D and E but no one else.
There doesn't seem to be a pattern to it. Our machines are SPARC5's,
SPARC10's, Ultra1's and Ultra2's all running Solaris 2.5.1. I need this
problem fixed asap because many of my users only have PC's and
*must* telnet to our Suns. I'd appreciate any help anyone can give. I
will summarize. TIA.

Best wishes,

C. M. Kurt

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