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Date: Fri Sep 19 1997 - 03:01:11 CDT

First off... I am about 50 different sys admin lists. This has GOT to be
the most mature, polite, and helpful list of the bunch. I wish to Linux
lists were the same... but I regress.

Thanks to all who answered. The people who contribute to Sun-Managers are
IMHO tops. Yeah, it's true... my problem was pretty simple for anyone
who is 1/2 way knowledgable abut Solaris. But I'm a Linux/BSD guy who
was put in charge of a few Sun boxes. I've purchased every manual I can
find on Solaris, and am learning every day. I needed a quick answer to a
simple problem, and expected many flames, like RTFM! Well vold is a new one
to me, and now I understand the concept, thanks to Sun-Managers. It'll be a
while before I can contribute, but I never had one flame in about 30 responses.
Thank You all.

In tradition of S-M, I post my SUMMARY:
Original Question:

>We have a SunSparc5, Solaris 2.5, and a floppy drive. I could of sworn we
>used to issue the following command to tar files to the floppy device:

>tar -cvf /dev/rdiskette filenames

>When we try that now, it says the device is busy. I issued the mount
>command, and it is not mounted. If I go into filemanager, it finds the disk,
>but can't read it, so I let the format take place.

The Answer (in a nutshell):

Volume Mager has control on the floppy. Do:

solaris# sh /etc/init.d/volmgt stop

Do your tar and then -

solaris# sh /etc/int.d/volmgt start

..... of course, I disabled volmgt from my startup. I find it annoying.

Those who were kind enough to answer & provide insight:

Matthew Zeier <>
Cristian Martinez T. <>
Goran Cvetanoski <>
Rich Kulawiec <>
Glenn Satchell <>
Francis Liu <>
Goran Cvetanoski <>
Steve Franks <>
Lori Blake <Lori.Blake@Frogtown.Com>
Wouter <>
Stefan Voss <>
Nedeljko Miljevic <>
Tony C. Wu <>
David Mitchell <>
Caleb Warner <>
Anthony Worrall <>
David Thorburn-Gundlach <>
Noel Fardy <>
Andrew Moffat <>
David Wolfskill <>
Karl E. Vogel <>
James Musso <>
Stephen Schumacher <>
Peter Allan <>

Thanks again for your help.

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