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Date: Tue Sep 16 1997 - 02:38:42 CDT

Hye Sun managers,

I asked:

Dear Sun administrators,

I work for an ISP.
I have installed a UUCP solution at a client site. My client has a netra

station that connects regularly (the schedule is in the crontab) through

a 28.8 modem to us (the ISP) and sends/ receives the mail over UUCP.
The LAN at the client site includes the netra server (station is called
netrastation), and some win95 clients.
I need to know the following:
when an email is sent from a win95 client station, where is it stored on

the netra server ??
I know that from our side all mail received for the LAN domain, is
stored in our mail server in
/var/spool/uucp/netrastation/Z, until it is retrieved by the
netrastation over UUCP.

Thanks for all of you , and especially to Mike Frisch and Tom Caton ,
who sent me their answers.
Actually, the answer is those emails can be found on the netra machine
at the path:
"/var/spool/uucp/<ISP mail server>/S"

Thanks again,

Clara Hatem
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