SOLVED: Re: DNS vs Sendmail -- why can't I have both??

From: Howard Modell (
Date: Mon Sep 15 1997 - 13:28:55 CDT

I hate problems that solve with a reboot .. !
:-) How can I know what was actually wrong and what got "fixed"?? (-:

Sorry to bother you all .. rebooting the machine with "/etc/resolv.conf"
installed seemed to clear up whatever was wrong (presumably the previous
boot had been done with out the file there).

mail, netstat, and DNS lookup all work again at the same time.


Again, my apologies for the bother.


H:From howie Mon Sep 15 11:16:23 1997
H:Subject: DNS vs Sendmail -- why can't I have both??
H:I have a most peculiar problem (I think).

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