SUMMARY: Installing a system on an existing disk

From: Andras Micsik (
Date: Mon Sep 15 1997 - 08:28:14 CDT

Thanks to Ron Carver, Tim Carlson and Gregory M Polanski for their
responses. I succeeded to configure the network for the SS20 booted from
CD (indeed the first part of the OS install performs this task, as I
later found out). Then I saved all data to another machine. It was
necessary, because the OS install for 2.5 can preserve intact only full
partitions. So I had to allow the install program to overwrite my only
partition on the disk. Then I moved the data back.

My original posting:

Dear list-members,
        the system disk of my SS20 crashed out of the blue. It is totally
dead (format utility reports that it is unformatted, and cannot format
it). I have another disk in that machine, with only data, and plenty of
empty space. I want to install the Solaris 2.5 on that disk (all parts of
the OS has been lost). The problem is that there is only one partition on
that disk. How can I install the OS from CD-ROM? I suspect I have to
repartition the disk. Can I do that without moving all data to another
place? If not, how can I build TCP/IP services to move the data while
booted from CD-ROM?
  Andras Micsik
  MTA SZTAKI Hungary

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