SUMMARY: Paging software for Solaris boxes?

From: Ying-Meei Chew (
Date: Fri Sep 12 1997 - 17:24:19 CDT

Hi All again,

        In response to my request for paging software packages recommendation,
I recieved a total of 21 responses. Thank you all for taking the time to
respond. Some of you are kind enough to offer me personal help if I need
it while configuring the software. My sincere thanks for that.

Here is the list of recommended softwares:

EtherPage (
spatch (
hylafax (
qpage (
firstpage (

There is a WEB site out there as well, which keeps track of all these
software packages. The URL to this site is:

        If anybody wants anymore detail information about any responses
about certain packages, please do not hesitate to contact me and I'll
email that to you. It's too long for me to include that here.

Thanks again to all those who responded.

Ying-Meei Chew
Network Admin
Altera Corporation

ymc writes:
> Hi All,
> Does anybody know of, or recommend any commercial software which
> will enable paging together with sendmail? I am looking for a software
> which will work on a Solaris 2.x machine. Any pointers will be greatly
> appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ying-Meei Chew
> Network Admin
> Altera Corporation

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