SUMMARY Where to get gcc Solaris 2.6 X86?

From: Daniel Beaudry (
Date: Fri Sep 12 1997 - 10:02:56 CDT

At this point, there is not many sites devotted to Solaris 2.6 on x86. Hopefully, I found a working package of gcc for 2.6 x86 on:

I hav'nt found any in the rest of suggested links. But, I think this is only a question of time.

Thank for every one who helped!

Peter Asboeck []
Joe Shamblin []

Vitaly Beliaev []

Mike Blandford []
Patrick Patterson []

Charles Gagnon [charlesg@Nynexst.COM]

Here is the original message:
>Does anybody have compiled successfuly the gcc compiler to run under Solaris >2.6 for X86 platform. Please indicate where I can download the package.

>I will summarise.

>Thank you for your time!

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