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From: Vipin Gupta (
Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 04:38:59 CDT

Dear Friends,

My original question was:

Dear Friends,

Although my problem is not directly related to Sun/Solaris but I would
appreciate if any of you have solution to my problem:

We have SunSparc-10 with SUn OS 4.1.4 as our mail server and cater
around 600 odd users. We are using sendmail 8.6.x.

I want to know how can I restrict the maximum size of the both incoming
and outgoing messages in sendmail. For example I would like to set limit
for both as 1 MB and how to notify the sender about the reason of the
rejection of his/her mail.

I read few manuals and books but couldn't find the right solution. Any
help will be appreciated.



I received total 4 replies . Thanks to :

1. Daniel Kluqe
2. Ric Anderson
3. Rodney C. Marablr
4. John Bidinger

As suggested by Daniel and Ric :

By adding the value M=1048576 to the respective Mailers definitions in the mails of more than 1 MB in size can be restricted. I
added this value for Mlocal and Mether in my case.


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