Summary: SPARC 2 Death Message

From: Gregory M Polanski (
Date: Tue Sep 09 1997 - 19:27:12 CDT


On a SPARC 2 that stopped working, and whose monitor is blank when I power up.
When I attach a vt100 and power up the unit, I get the following

204 ***
PMAP = 00e3000, Exp = 00000000, Obs = 80000000

        Motherboard failure

        $200 Sun SPARC 2 base (pizza box, power supply, motherboard, including NVRAM
and CPU,
                                no hard drive, no memory, 1 floppy)


Thanks to the responders. The following notes indicated that
I should get a new motherboard.



   From: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster

Boot prom power up diags. It is telling you that a particular
page map (part of the MMU) looks like it has a stuck bit, which
is Very Bad, as that is static RAM that isn't socketed like SIMM.

That's from memory (pardon the pun) as the sun4c are the last of
the old static MMU machines.

                l & h,

   From: (Bismark Espinoza)

I saw the exact problem with my sparc2.

The tech came by and replaced the motherboard.
But then a co-worker said the tech had said something
about two wires touching.

My sparc 2 works fine now.


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