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Date: Tue Sep 09 1997 - 06:51:46 CDT

Original question:
  I've recently been given the task to spec out an E3000 with dual
  37Gb SSA's. We want to mirror one SSA to the other. Unfortunately
  my boss wants an implementation plan PDQ, and I'm not sure where to
  start. Is the DiskSuite stuff that comes on the 2.6 server CD set
  adequately suitable? Does it need additional licensing? What do
  people recommend?

  Any pointers to web sites etc where I can find things much appreciated!

Answers from:
  Christopher M. Conway
  Matthew Stier
  Rick Reineman
  Andrew Moffat
  Garry Robbins
  Karl E. Vogel
  Mark P. Beckman
  fred byrd
  Michael Salehi
  Cyril GODON
  Seth Rothenberg

As always, a great set of answers.

Both Solstice (Online) DiskSuite (4.0 comes with Solaris 2.5.1 and 4.1
comes with Solaris 2.6 server) and veritas Volume Manager (comes with
the SSA) can do the job. Opinions are divided between what is better,
with most people tending to recommend Veritas.

The Veritas that comes with the SSA is slightly reduced in functionality -
it can not stripe non-SSA disks, although it can mirror them.

There was some confusion (maybe just in my mind) that DiskSuite was
Veritas rebadged. Apparently it's not - they are totally different pieces of

There is an SSA managers mailing list, with an archive at

Apparently, Sun will be recommending Veritas in the near future as well....

Thanks to everyone who responded!


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