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Date: Mon Sep 08 1997 - 04:34:23 CDT

After my first post about the summary of the 'CE' error , I last
receiving advices

from anywhere . thanks to you all for your kindness .

and here is their advices:
It looks like one of your SIMMs is crapping out. I'd go ahead and pull
it out ASAP, as any process attempting to use any of that memory space
will probably just keep dying.

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"CE" is short for "Correctable Error". ECC memory is capable of
correcting single bit errors, but it would seem that one of the memory
modules in your system is bad and is generating more errors than the ECC
system can handle. You should see about replacing the module.


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we are currently getting the same errors on a couple of E3000 machines. Sun are experiencing these problems from time to time on Ultra systems and suggest that you first reboot the machine which sometimes cures the problem for good. We found that the problem re-appeared on one E3000 after a few days so a Sun engineer came on site and moved the memory simms between boards to see if the problem followed the simm or stuck with the same board. Our problem followed the simm so they replaced it. If you haven't got hardware maintenance I would try rebooting, etc to work out where the problem is yourself. Sun say the error will not cause you any problems but I'm not convinced. You definitely need to think about replacing the simm.

Gary James.

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