SUMMARY: Fiber Channel/SPARCstorage Array

From: Ralph Howard (
Date: Fri Sep 05 1997 - 14:11:51 CDT

The overall answer I received was that I am only limited by the
number of SBus slots on my host.

Thanks to the following people for their quick responses: (Kris Briscoe)
        Karl von Jena <> (Mark A. Baldwin)
        "Marks, Evan R" <>


ralph> I couldn't find this information right off-hand so I thought I
ralph> would look for a quick response here.

ralph> Is there a limit to the number of storage arrays that can be
ralph> added to, say, an Ultra 2? Or maybe a better question is, is
ralph> there a limit to the number or Fiber Channel SBus Cards that
ralph> can be supported by said machine?

ralph> Thnaks in advance.

ralph> - ralph h.


From: (Kris Briscoe)

You are only limited to the number of available SBUS slots.


Kris Briscoe ( )
Senior Unix Systems Analyst
Motorola Satcom


From: Karl von Jena <>

If you go to Sun's web site and look up the product specifications for the
SSA and/or the Ultra, there is a chart that displays how many can be put on
the machine.

Without looking, I think that you can only have 2 SSA model 1xx or a single
SSA model 2xx or 2xxx.


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From: (Mark A. Baldwin)

I beleive you are only limited by the number of available sbus slots.

Good luck, Mark...

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From: "Marks, Evan R" <>

You are limited by SBUS cards (4) with 2 optical modules each = 8 SSAs



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