SUMMARY: CD Duplicator

From: Mark Belanger (
Date: Thu Sep 04 1997 - 07:50:53 CDT

I got no replies for this, just one slight flame who
nonetheless recommended a writer. For the sake of the
summary archives, I am summarizing my own findings,
however incomplete they are. I haven't used any of the
products or companies mentioned.
My apologies if you found this too off-topic for the list.

> Can anyone recommend a CDROM duplicator? I've checked out
> quite a few, but so far nothing has impressed me.
> Preferences:
> Standalone (no host computer needed)
> Can do 10-50 CDROMs unattended.
> Priced less than $10,000

CD Storage Solutions (800) 640-0530 is a reseller of various
duplication systems like the one I described.


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