From: Jay A. Cohen (
Date: Tue Sep 02 1997 - 10:32:09 CDT

A few days ago I sent out a request for anyone that knows anything about hosting NIS on NT.

A number of response I got were negative that it could not be done so I sent out a summary to this affect. I negleted to remember that one person told me it was possible, my appologies to him. Thanks to John DiMarco <> for reminding me and giving me the information to persue this further.

In addition several more people responded this time more positive they are:

Ian MacPhedran
Patrick Patterson
Mariel Feder
Stefan Fruntke
Kamal Kantawala
Tom Caton

If I missed anyone else my appologies.

To summerize there is a package serveral people suggested that I did look into. It is called WinCenter and sold by NCD. After I talked to WinCenter today I have decided it is not for me but maybe usefull to a lot of others out there.

This is why it is not good for me. I have 3 UNIX boxes SUN, AIX, HP-UX that primarily only have 5 users for the 3 boxes. We are a development house and all of our software is written on a Windows 95 platform and then converted to UNIX as there is a need for it (not that often) out of 100 employee only 5 of us ever touch the UNIX boxes the rest of the enterprise is NT 4.0 so really NIS was more of a luxuary for me with NT if it could be done. Jim Kunkle of NCD told me WinCenter is for people who have a UNIX workstation to run NT, I am the reverse of that.

So I thank you all for your help but this seems to be the outcome for now....there is still a few more leads to check out this seemed the most promissing.

Other suggestions where:

Chameleon software
PCNFS (which also looks promising)

My company perfers the NT systems to do the Primary Domain controlling so I am staying away from the NFS changes also I perfer SAMBA myself to PCNFS.

Well thanks again for all your help and support

Jay A. Cohen
UNIX Analyst / Adminstrator

Paragren Technologies, Inc
Reston, Virginia

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