SUMMARY:CE Error queue wrapped

From: Kun Li (
Date: Tue Sep 02 1997 - 03:36:10 CDT

Soon I recieved three answer all heading me in the right directory.
I haven't done anything so far, but I've known what I should do.

Special thanks to the following replies:
CE stands for Correctable Error. The Queue Wrapped message is
appearing because the kernel only tracks 256 correctable errors,
and you are exceeding that.

You should replace the SIMM at U0602 on the board.
That should be corrected or correctable errors. I would reseat (ie take
out and
put back in) the memory simm in slot U0602 (be sure to use static

If this continues, replace the SIMM.


ps. It would be a problem with the motherboard, but it's more likely to
be the
Soft errors are correctable ( The data is re read and parity is ok). It
  appears you have a bad simm in slot U0602, BUT to confirm the simm is
  bad, move the simm to another slot. If it always bit 63 is being
  reported as bad I would say there is a bad chip on the memory simm.
  simm slots are numbered, looking from the front of the system at the
  memory :

  Last slot closest to back of system : U0701
                                U0602 <------ This simm appears bad.
  First slot closest to front of system : U0604

  Move simm to another slot, say U0702, and if errors move to slot
  and go away from U0602 you definitivly know the simm is bad. Simm may
  also not be seated properly and may be making bad contact.
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