SUMMARY: quota / Solaris 2.5.1

From: Hans Schaechl (
Date: Mon Sep 01 1997 - 13:29:49 CDT

Dear SMs,

here comes my summary about the question:

>.<username> +- 7186 7000 7200 NOT STARTED 601 5000 10000
>The above example shows what sometimes happens when a user hits the soft-
>quota. It's flagged 'NOT STARTED' and I wonder WHY?!
>When I do an 'edquota <username>' (which here launches the vi) and then just
>do a ':q' with _no_ write it starts the counter and shows this:
><username> +- 7186 7000 7200 6.3 days 601 5000 10000
>The timeouts are left as default:
>(edquota -t)
>fs /home blocks time limit = 0 (default), files time limit = 0 (default)
>Any ideas?

Answers came from:

 Andrew Moffat <>
 Bismark Espinoza <>

The most helpful answer was:

 The quota "countdown" will start the next time the person logs in (since it
 notifies them and gives them 7 days - or whatever you have your time limit
 set to). If they went over quota for some reason while not logged in, then
 this field will show "NOT STARTED" until then. (If they are logged in then I
 believe the countdown starts immediately.)

The fact that quota does not start until the user logges in the next time is
a problem here because some users tend to run job while not being logged in
and sometimes do hit the quota in a filesystem they share with others.

Does anybody know a workaround for the built in quota-system or do I have to
look for some 3rd party software?

Thanks to all of you!


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